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Turn 𝕏 DM's into Deals 10x faster.

Transform your chaotic inbox into a conversion machine equipped with advanced CRM features.

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Your 𝕏 inbox wasn't built for business. Your DM's are overflowing with opportunities and potential clients, but your cluttered inbox is killing deals.

Cluttered Inbox

That's exactly why we built Inboundly.

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No tool lets me stay on top of my leads better than Inboundly.

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Never let a lead slip through the cracks again.

Prioritize unread messages, schedule follow-ups, add notes, respond instantly with quick replies, and more.

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Why Inboundly? It's not even close.

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Your Inbox is Losing You Deals...

Learn how Inboundly helps you optimize your sales process, so you can close more deals in less time.

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Simple, transparent pricing for everyone.


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Powerful features & multiple inboxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Inboundly for?

Inboundly is built for individuals and businesses of all sizes leveraging X/Twitter to generate leads and acquire customers.

The harsh reality is that if you are using X for business, a social media inbox won't cut it – you need a conversion-focused inbox.

What are opportunity scores and auto-segmentation?

Auto-segmentation automatically categorizes leads based on predefined keywords, simplifying your segmentation process and letting you target the right prospects.

Any time you receive a direct message Inboundly will add that prospect to any list you need, based on your conversion goals.

This prospect will also be assigned an opportunity score based on indicated interest and conversion potential, allowing you to prioritize qualified leads.

All of this happens instantly - no manual work involved.

What are quick replies?

Quick Replies are blazingly fast, fully customizable responses. Easily send templated messages, effortlessly execute follow-up sequences, quickly answer common questions, and so much more.

Quick Replies are shared across your workspace, with all team members, and accessible from your choice of inboxes, so you can improve efficiency throughout your team and create consistency across your X accounts.

Unlike other platforms, Inboundly's Quick Replies are seamless and instant. Just type a command and hit ↵ to auto-fill your message in milliseconds - your fingers never have to leave your keyboard.

How much does Inboundly cost?

Inboundly offers four tailored pricing plans: Growth at $37/month, Pro at $47/month, Scale at $97/month, and custom pricing for Enterprise solutions.

This ensures you can invest precisely in the capabilities that drive value for your business, from essential to advanced CRM features. You can find all our transparent pricing info here on our public pricing page, no need to wait and speak to a member of our team.

Will my account be at risk?

Absolutely not. Inboundly uses the publicly available X/Twitter API to retrieve DM conversations from connected accounts and explicitly follows all API guidelines and best practices.

You will never be shadow banned for using Inboundly. Inboundly does not post or retrieve tweets. Inboundly is also definitively NOT a mass DM tool. You cannot send a message through Inboundly unless you have an existing conversation with a user (ie. you receive a message, or send one off-platform), and you are limited by X/Twitter's DM rate limits. We respect X/Twitter's Terms of Use and fully support efforts to combat bots, so we'll never allow sending mass DM's.

Can I try Inboundly for free?

Yes! We offer a free, 14-day trial, no credit card required, so you can test all of Inboundly's features before deciding which plan fits your needs.

More deals in less time for $0. What are you waiting for?

Stop letting leads slip through the cracks. Optimize your sales process with a powerful CRM that plugs directly into your 𝕏 Inbox & close more deals in less time.

Try Inboundly for free today.

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